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Hello Friends!
It’s spring in Nashville. When the blooms pop out we all seem to emerge from
hibernation.  That means the real estate market heightens as well. The selling and buying fever is at a high pitch.

Centennial Park Nashville TN Spring

Each month real estate reports seem to say that we have surpassed sales over the same month the previous year.  Final numbers for 2016 indicate there were 38,954 homes sold in the region. Compared to the 36,873 closings in 2015, the total sales for 2016 were up 5.6%. Experts say mortgage rates could increase. But in other news…Nashville is still growing by 75-100 people a day.  

In 2016 US News and World Report named Nashville the 22nd best place to live out of the country’s 100 largest Metro areas.  In 2017 we climbed to the 13th spot. 

We enjoy a diverse economy. Specifically we’ve got a 10% margin over most other cities when you factor in our lower cost of living (about 95% of the National average) and the tax benefit to living in Nashville (about 106% of the National average). That extra 10% margin allows Nashvillians to buy homes, pay off education and invest in businesses at a greater rate than most locations. The above facts are hot off the press from the Nashville Chamber President’s speech to my firm a few weeks ago.

I truly thank you for your friendship and your business. Thanks to you I was second in my firm for production for the second year in a row.  This is an exciting field of work and I’m always ready to help you or your friends with the right sale or purchase.

Please check out my site that is in the works at DanaBattaglia.com and look for my ads in the beautiful new magazine called 372WN (372WestNashville). Call me when I can be of help!