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In case you hadn’t heard….Nashville is still booming! There has never been a better time

to buy and sell in this city. Sales for January of 2017 were at a record high, almost 12% over January 2016. Balanced growth is a continuing trend in the city. Couple that with a surplus budget and a terrific Mayor, and we have reason to think the real estate market will remain strong.

Just 10 years ago it was a stretch to find walkable neighborhoods. Now we have such great choices with trendy restaurants, exciting shops and urban housing.

5403 B Tennessee st. Nashville TN

The Charlotte corridor couldn’t be more exciting. From 51st Kitchen in the Nations to Mielat the edge of Sylvan Park, there are a number of high-end choices. There is no end of places for pizzas and burgers, and I personally can’t wait for EIO (I think that is“Everything is Organic”) touted to have some Gluten-Free, Dairy Free options. Anothernew restaurant is opening on 46th in Sylvan Park this spring and the menu looks delicious.It will be called “Answer” and is slated to open late March. At any rate, the Nations off Charlotte, Cleveland Park off of Gallatin, East Nashville, 12th South, The Gulch, Downtown living, Hillsboro Village etc. etc. all hold such great options for lovely walkable neighborhoods with scrumptious foods and tempting stores.At the same time we are blessed with gracious historic homes, contemporary homes and land with sweeping views just outside the city. When I drive around various areas of town with clients, the uniqueness of Nashville becomes so apparent, and I feel lucky to be here.

If I can help you “be here” or make a change, call me!

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